Swiss Air MD-11 is waiting the thime to take off at 2nd terminal in Narita-ariport.
If we choose Swiss Air, when we step in to the airplane, we are in Switzerland before arrival to the land of Switzerland!
Moreover, thre is advantage that we can check-in our luggage at rail-way station, for passengers of Swiss Air only.
But if we mistake to choose day of the week, we have to board on airplane of JAL, in spite of the name is SR, because it is sharing ones code with JAL.
Thus devout fan of Switzerland have to take care on this problem.

This is the ballpoint pen modelled on airplane of SwissAir which I found at counter of SwissAir in Kloten airport in Zurich.
It's cool that the package is designed as if the airplane is flying over the Alps mountains, properly.
It is nice goods that different from usual ballpoint pen, able to write toward upward.

This is the cockpit of MD11 of SwissAir.
The purser hailed us to take us to the cockpit on the best timing that under view is cleared when we were fling over Munich.
The cockpit is under strict security. To enter there, I negotiated to many section of Swissair for 2 weeks.

Even Captain said that a lot of switches which is covering everywhere also roof are too many to know that how many are they.
I was strained because the roof which is full of switches is closed to me and I was afraid to touch them with my head by mistake.
I understand further that pilot is hard job, because they are confined in such space as long as 13 hours!

They are the history of uniform of Swissair which are shown in transportation museum in Luzern.
It is regret little that they are picture on wooden board.
Though I think it is quite obvious, right one is the newest in the year 1999.
There were some minor-change, besides them, I suppose.
In exchange for them, uniform for flight crew who are men was not displayed.
Maybe it means that men's fashion is always same.
Isn't it desolate? :-)