I introduce taste of Switzerland and distribute snacks for PostPet in this page.

Why don't you give your darling pet who deliver your e-mail every day?
You can down load for Macintosh and Windows each.


Though the name sounds bizarre , it is delicious!
It is Zuerich-styled
stew with veal and mushroom.
Possibly, it is able to call special creamy beef-stroganoff.

Fondue Fromage

I suppose that most of you know it.
Melt cheese which is added white wine in the pan and stik a small block of bread with long fork and dip one in it to enjoy.

This is "Magic snack". Your pet will begin to dance cause of wine in the fondue.
Please take kare. Don't give it so much. :-)


It is so simple meal.
To enjoy it,
entwine cheese which is melted with heater on your favorite foods which are boiled potato or pickles etc. for example.
I used to hate
pickles until I found this food.
But I love it very much now because raclet told me "pickles is tasty!".


It's famous chocolate.
Many Japanese can't understand that why do I introduce this chocolate.
Because they are
reminded of instant coffee NesCafe from "Nestle" and instant coffee was invented by Japanese.
But the head office of Nestle is in Switzerland.
Thus KitKat is
confectionery of swiss.

Rivella Red-label / Green-label

Only expert of Switzerland knows them?
It is the original Swiss
fizzy drink, feel mixed race of Oronamin-C and gingerale.
I feel flavono from Green-lavel.
There is Blue label also in Switzerland. But I can't guess the difference between Red-label and it.

Theese drink makes your pet spry. These are "Magic-snack"

Aug. 2004, my friend Rolf who is Swiss told me the detail about 3 Rivellas.
He said as following.

Red = Standard calorie beverage Blue = Low calorie beverage
Green = Green tea Rivella

Ach, so! Vielen Dank Rolf!!
I see. Yes, I feel green tea slightly!