Goods I found in the travels.

Swiss army knife
Army knife is typical souvenir of travel in Switzerland.
But it is not only simple red one. with cross-marked. One of PTT,Panoramic express,Air companies inflight goods...Knives possible to get only on travel in Switzerland is precious.

Blueberry preserve
This is the gift, owner gave me when we checked out Hotel Alpenruh we stayed July.1999.
The label is wrote by hand,of course.
The home made jam was so tasty and fruity.

Stuffed dolls of marmot
So they are not in Japan, for somebody who doesn't know what is marmots, they could be un identified animal.
They are a kind of grass-eating animal,we can see some times when we go to mountain.
If we try to get close them, they hide them selves quickly into their burrow usually.

This is a thin stick type chocolate coated biscuit snack named Mikado.
And it is Europe version of Pocky , popular in Japan selled by Glico Co., Ltd.
Sure, sensitivity to words and the sun on the package impress Japan.
But the image of logotype design let us image Southeast Asia, little. :-)

After 8 years since I found it at first in 1991, we can find it in same package still now.

Jean`d eve SECTORA
This is a interesting watch because each arm reached at the dead end of right side of the face junps back to the left side and continue to ticking time.
I got it at EMBASSY Luzern.
It was difficult for me to looking for the watch because there are a few shop which has SECTORA and there are many way to pronounce "Jean'd Eve" depends on sales person, for exapmle "jahn deebu","sheen ifu" etc.